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s.p. badu is a cult unisex brand aiming to create a post-gender world, creating progressive wardrobe staples that incorporate masculine and feminine elements. drawing inspiration from architecture, proposing familiar shapes and garments that will eventually be permanent fixtures in ones wardrobe. s.p. badu challenges the current perception of gender and garment creation.

s.p. badu quietly launched in 2012 in toronto, canada, looking to the world as their platform. gradually growing every year, s.p. badu is designed by spencer badu who initially started with an experimental background, eventually refining those skills at the fashion institute.

s.p. badu's collections are a direct product of impatience toward "gender". a continuous story under constant development. focussed on building concrete ideas and building garments rather than seasonal trends or narratives. s.p. badu creates garments that appeal to a self-confident individual who doesn't surrender to the rules of gender or trend.

the conspicuous anti-conformist.