Lifelong friends, designers Taylor Lash of TAYLOR LASH fine jewelry and Rosa Halpern of NAMESAKE custom leather jackets, teamed up to create a capsule collaboration collection, a meeting of the minds, bringing jewelry and leather together. 

The “Heavy Metal” collection is inspired by the glam rock culture of the 70s-80s, transforming grunge street style into high fashion with a Western flare. Born out of what the designer duo felt they were missing in their own closets, the collection features pieces studded, fringed, and pierced with strong silver accents. 

All the pieces in the collection are named after iconic Heavy Metal bands and influential female artists who impacted the “Heavy Metal” genre.  Each piece in the collection unleashes the inner rock-star of its wearer, elevating a simple outfit to a powerful statement of glamour and personal edge – a style the designers are proud to call their own!

The collection is entirely designed and handmade by Taylor and Rosa in their Toronto studio and celebrates collaboration at its core.